5 Sights in Kempen, Germany (with Map and Images)

Explore interesting sights in Kempen, Germany. Click on a marker on the map to view details about it. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 5 sights are available in Kempen, Germany.

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1. Burg Kempen

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Kemben Castle is the former national castle of the Archbishop of Cologne, which is used to protect the electoral territory on the northwest border of Cologne. It is located in the northeast center of Ken City, Lower Rhine-Westphalia, Wirson District. In '19. Extensively modified in neo-Gothic style and dating back to medieval foundations, it is considered, along with Zülpich Castle, "the best preserved election castle in Cologne in the 14th century". Because no other Kurk ö ln facility can exhibit so many primitive buildings from their early days. Until the French invasion of 1794, it was the residence of the Marshal of Ken City and the office, who was also an election waiter. The castle was even once the seat of the High Court, and its towers were used as prisons and dungeons.

Wikipedia: Burg Kempen (DE), Heritage Website

2. Bahnhof Kempen

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Kempen (Niederrhein) is a railway station in the city of Kempen on the Lower Rhine. It lies on the left Lower Rhine line. There used to be three other railway lines at the station, which are now closed: from 1902 to 1931 the Geldernsche Kreisbahn operated; the Kempen–Venlo railway, opened in 1867, was operated for over 100 years. The Krefeld Railway Company had been operating in Kempen since 1872, passenger services were discontinued in 1949 to Oedt and in 1951 to Hüls (Krefeld), freight traffic to Oedt in 1985, and the remaining traffic to Schauteshütte in 1981.

Wikipedia: Bahnhof Kempen (Niederrhein) (DE), Heritage Website

3. Haus Steinfunder

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Haus Steinfunder is a former aristocratic residence in the Kempen district of Schmalbroich and is one of around 400 smaller manors and manors on the Lower Rhine. The listed complex is located on the eastern edge of the wide Niers lowlands and was added to the list of architectural monuments in Kempen on 26 September 1983. Its name is derived from a stone bridge (fondern).

Wikipedia: Haus Steinfunder (DE), Heritage Website

4. Denkmal für Freiherrn Felix von Loe

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Felix Freiherr von Loë was a German administrative lawyer in the Rhine Province. He founded the Rhenish Farmers' Association. He sat in the Prussian House of Representatives for twelve years and was a member of the Reichstag of the North German Confederation before the founding of the German Reich. He stood for Catholicism in the Protestant Kingdom of Prussia.

Wikipedia: Felix von Loë (DE), Heritage Website

5. Heilig-Geist-Kapelle

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The Chapel of the Holy Spirit in Kempen is the former hospital chapel of the medieval town. Until March 2012, it housed the sales room of a Christian bookstore. After several unused years, the chapel is currently being used by the initiative "Atem-Pause" as a meeting place and resting place.

Wikipedia: Heilig-Geist-Kapelle (Kempen) (DE), Heritage Website


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