7 Sights in Dillingen/Saar, Germany (with Map and Images)

Explore interesting sights in Dillingen/Saar, Germany. Click on a marker on the map to view details about it. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 7 sights are available in Dillingen/Saar, Germany.

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1. Römermuseum Pachten

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The Roman Museum Lease is a museum for pre- and early history and primarily documented the Roman past of the Dillingen district. It has existed since 1990 and was founded and managed by the Museum Spachnen e. V. Since March 2022, the museum, which is located in a former farmhouse of the early 20th century, has been sponsored by the city of Dillingen. The focus of the exhibition is the documentation of the Gallo-Roman era of the former important commercial node, the Vicus Contiomagus and the a little later built, which were located in the place of the Romans.

Wikipedia: Museum Pachten (DE), Website

2. Katholische Pfarrkirche Heilig Sakrament

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The so-called Saardom in Dillingen/Saar is one of the largest sacred buildings in Saarland. It is the parish church of the parish of St Sacrament. The parish belongs to the parish community of the Holy Sacrament, St John the Baptist in Dillingen, St Joseph and St Wendelin in Diefflen, St Maximin in Pachten, and St Mary consolation of the saddeneds on the Pachtener Heide. The church belongs to the Roman Catholic Diocese of Trier. The feast of dedication is the Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ.

Wikipedia: Saardom (EN)

3. St. Johann

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The listed church of St. Johann in Dillingen, built in the style of late classicism, is a Catholic church and belongs to the parish community of Dillingen, which in the five communities Holy Sacrament, St. Josef, Maria Trost, St. Maximin and St. Johann divided. It is the mother church of the Dillingen city center parishes and is also called old church in popularly. The church is assigned to the diocese of Trier. Patrozinium Day is the high festival of the birth of St. John the Baptist.

Wikipedia: St. Johann (Dillingen) (DE)

4. Altes Schloss Dillingen

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Altes Schloss (Dillingen) is a castle and museum in Dillingen, Saarland, Germany. The Old castle, like many castles, was originally a medieval castle, probably of the 14th century. It is leased to the town, which uses it for cultural purposes, among other things. A sponsoring association has supported the restoration of the castle since 1983.

Wikipedia: Altes Schloss (Dillingen) (EN)

5. Hillenkreuz

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Hillenkreuz Lokilech / CC-BY-SA-3.0

The listed Hillenkreuz from 1872 is a cemetery cross at the St. Johann cemetery in Dillingen in Saarland is named after Dechant Johann Peter Hillen (1869–1907). This initiated the construction of the Saardom. Wilhelm Hector should become an architect; Hillen's successor Dechant Prior awarded the order to Peter Marx.

Wikipedia: Hillenkreuz (DE)

6. St. Maximin

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St. Maximin und die Vierzehn Nothelfer is the Catholic parish church of Pachten, a district of Dillingen. The village of Pachten goes back to the Roman settlement of Contiomagus. The earliest Christian testimonies date back to Roman times.

Wikipedia: St. Maximin (Pachten) (DE)

7. Maria Trost

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The listed Catholic Church Maria Trost in Dillingen/Saar, built in 1963, belongs to the parish community Holy Sacrament, St. Johann, St. Josef, St. Maximin, Maria Trost. The church is assigned to the Diocese of Trier.

Wikipedia: Maria Trost (Pachten) (DE)


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