8 Sights in Bergisch Gladbach, Germany (with Map and Images)

Here you can find interesting sights in Bergisch Gladbach, Germany. Click on a marker on the map to view details about the sight. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 8 sights are available in Bergisch Gladbach, Germany.

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1. Neues Herwegshaus

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Neues Herwegshaus is the historical name of Burggraben 1, Bensberg District, Bergisch Gladbach District. Built in 1761, this house is a two-story house with a five-axis roof. Since 1780, it has been known as the "New Herwig House between the old and new castles," named after the Cologne nobleman and mayor Herwig's family, which was the owner of the Herwig family until 1834. She also has a large fortune in Bensberg and Moitzfeld. Since 1808, the house has been a hospital for French soldiers at Bennsberg Castle Barracks. Friedrich Albrecht built a colonial shop in the building around 1900.

Wikipedia: Neues Herwegshaus (DE)

2. Ruhestätte österreichischer Krieger

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Kaiserliche Kirchhof, also known as the Austrian cemetery or war memorial, is a resting place for residents of the main military hospital at Bensberg Castle, who died mainly of typhus, and are buried in mass graves at Milchborntal, Bensberg, on the southwest edge of Hart. Kaiserlicher Kirchhof got its name because it was built in 1854 with the support of the Austrian Empire. The Austrian cemetery was named as a reminder that during the final stages of the so-called Holy Roman Empire, soldiers of the Austrian army were buried here.

Wikipedia: Kaiserlicher Kirchhof (DE)

3. Rommerscheider Hof

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Rommerscheider Hof is an ancient farm located in the Rommerscheid district of downtown Bergisch Gladbach. The first written reference to Rommerscheider Hof dates back to 1510. At the time, it was the property of the Order of St John, which was headquartered in the Order of Malta in the district of Herrenstrunden. The building, which still stands today and is about 500 years old, is considered the oldest semi-timber structure house in Bergisch Gladbach.

Wikipedia: Rommerscheider Hof (DE)

4. Haus Blegge

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Haus Blegge User:Pingsjong / GFDL

Haus Blegge or Haus Blech is an ancient knighthood and village in the Paffrath district of Bergisch Gladbach, Germany. It was designed as a castle with a moat. Since 2016, the historic building and a new building within the park have been home to the San Rafael Home and Residence for the Elderly by Caritas Management and Sponsorship, which rented the property from Sacred Heart Missionaries Sister Hiltrup.

Wikipedia: Haus Blegge (DE)

5. St. Clemens

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St. Clemens Die Autorenschaft wurde nicht in einer maschinell lesbaren Form angegeben. Es wird Jan Wellem~commonswiki als Autor angenommen (basierend auf den Rechteinhaber-Angaben). / CC-BY-SA-3.0

St. Clemence is a parish church in the Roman Catholic parish of Bergisch Gladbach-Paffrath. It is sponsored by San Clement. Paffrath Parish and Herz Jesu Parish of Schildgen and St. The Parish of Konrad in Hand belongs together to the Parish of Bergisch Gladbach-West and is located in the Parish of Rheinisch-Bergischer Kreis.

Wikipedia: St. Clemens (Bergisch Gladbach) (DE)

6. Französischer Friedhof

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The French churchyard, also known as the French cemetery or war memorial, is a resting place in mass graves for the hospital residents of the Napoleonic troops in the Milchborntal in Bensberg on the southwestern edge of the Hardt, who were housed in Bensberg Castle from 1812.

Wikipedia: Französischer Kirchhof (DE)

7. Waldfriedhof

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Waldfriedhof TUBSEmail Silk.svg Gallery / Public domain

Königsforst is 2,519 hectares of woodland east of Cologne. It is part of Bergische Heideterrasse. Forests are bird sanctuaries and habitats. Part of the forest belongs to Königsforst Nature Reserve (Cologne) and Königsforst Nature Reserve (Rheinburg).

Wikipedia: Königsforst#Geschichte (DE)

8. Maltesermühle

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Maltesermühle is a fruit mill in the Herrenstrunden district of Bergisch Gladbach an der Strunden. It is also known as Mühle zu Herrenstrunden or Strunder Mühle (1773). Today, it is only used for residential purposes.

Wikipedia: Maltesermühle (DE)

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