8 Sights in Bad Wimpfen, Germany (with Map and Images)

Here you can find interesting sights in Bad Wimpfen, Germany. Click on a marker on the map to view details about the sight. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 8 sights are available in Bad Wimpfen, Germany.

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1. Tourist Information

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The Old Hospital in Bad Wimpfen in the district of Heilbronn in northern Baden-Württemberg with components from the 13th century is one of the oldest buildings in the former imperial city. It goes back to the Holy Spirit Hospital founded around 1230 and was used since 1471 as a citizens' hospital, most recently until the recent past as a municipal poorhouse. Since 1992, the Reichsstädtisches Museum and the Städtische Galerie have been housed there.

Wikipedia: Altes Spital (Bad Wimpfen) (DE)

2. Heilig Kreuz

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Heilig Kreuz peter schmelzle / CC BY-SA 3.0

Dominican Church is a historic church building in Bad Wimpfen, Heilbron District, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Built in the 13th century, the church is a monastery church of Dominican monasteries. The former monastery and art gallery is now a school, and the church is used as the Holy Cross Church of the Catholic Diocese Church. In the 18th century, people worshipped the relic of the cross, which was probably brought to Wimpfen by Albert Magnus.

Wikipedia: Dominikanerkirche (Bad Wimpfen) (DE)

3. Cornelienkirche

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Cornelienkirche peter schmelzle / CC BY-SA 3.0

Cornelienkirche is a late Gothic Protestant church in Bad Wimpfen, Germany. As her name implies, she was initially placed under the patron saint of Cornelius, but under the patron saint of Mary. This humble chapel is characterized by ancient frescoes and a gorgeous portal. During the Thirty Years War, according to tradition, it was Tilly's headquarters at the Battle of Wimpfen, which is why it was also called Tilly Chapel.

Wikipedia: Cornelienkirche (Bad Wimpfen) (DE)

4. Wormser Hof

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The Wormser Hof in Bad Wimpfen is a former residence and official residence of officials of the diocese of Worms. The farm, near the Palatinate Wimpfen and directly at the town church, was built around 1200, was significantly expanded in the 16th century and, in its current form, essentially goes to conversions and baroqueization in the 18th century as well as further renovation measures in the period around 1900 back.

Wikipedia: Wormser Hof (Bad Wimpfen) (DE)

5. Stadtkirche

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Stadtkirche peter schmelzle / CC BY-SA 3.0

Stadtkirche in Bad Wimpfen, Heilbron district, north of Baden-Württemberg, is a Protestant parish church whose oldest part, the pedestal of two slender east towers, dates back to the early 13th century. It dates back to the 15th century and gained its present appearance mainly through reconstructions around 1500 years ago. Its important art treasures include two winged altars with historical significance.

Wikipedia: Stadtkirche (Bad Wimpfen) (DE)

6. Malteser Hilfsdienst

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Malteser Hilfsdienst peter schmelzle / CC BY-SA 3.0

The custody of Bad Wimpfen in Heilbron District of Baden-Württemberg is the former property of Wimpfen Monastery. This building is located in the market square of the small town of Valley, which was once the seat of the Dharma Protector. Today, it is listed as a protected cultural monument.

Wikipedia: Kustodie (Bad Wimpfen) (DE)

7. Obere Ölmühle

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The Upper Oil Mill in Bad Wimpfen in the district of Heilbronn in northern Baden-Württemberg already existed in 1500. The building, which was last renovated in 1825 and is now used by a potter, is a building worth preserving within the listed Bad Wimpfen am Berg complex.

Wikipedia: Obere Ölmühle (Bad Wimpfen) (DE)

8. Stiftskirche St. Peter

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The Collegiate Church of St. Peter in Bad Wimpfen in the district of Heilbronn in northern Baden-Württemberg was built as a church of the medieval Wimpfen Abbey and is considered one of the most important early Gothic buildings in Germany.

Wikipedia: Stiftskirche St. Peter (Bad Wimpfen) (DE)

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