7 Sights in Bad Sassendorf, Germany (with Map and Images)

Here you can find interesting sights in Bad Sassendorf, Germany. Click on a marker on the map to view details about the sight. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 7 sights are available in Bad Sassendorf, Germany.

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1. Alt-Sankt Thomä

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Alt-Sankt Thomä Benutzer Stephan Hense / CC-BY-SA-3.0

"Leaning Tower" is the colloquial name for the church of St. Thomae in Soest, founded in the 12th century in the course of the construction of the new archbishop's Palatinate. The official name Alt St. Thomae of this church is explained by the distinction from the nearby former monastery church Neu St. Thomae. The leaning spire of Alt St. Thomae occupies a special and eccentric place in the silhouette of the Soest church towers. With the extension of the Romanesque building to the early Gothic hall church in the 13th century, Alt St. Thomae is one of the oldest Gothic church buildings in Germany. Alt St. Thomae is the only church in Soest in the immediate vicinity of the city wall and is also the only one among the Soest churches that still has a church garden.

Wikipedia: Alt St. Thomae (Soest) (DE)

2. St. Patrokli-Dom

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St. Patrokli is a Roman Catholic parish and church in Soest, Germany. The church is of great significance in the history of architecture as it is the epitome of Romanesque architecture in Westphalia. As a result, it is known as St.-Patrokli-Dom. It holds relics of its patron saint Patroclus of Troyes from 954. It was the church of the canonical foundation of St. Patroclus, which existed from the 10th century until its abolition in 1812. Since 1823 the church has been the parish church of the St. Patrokli parish in the diocese of Paderborn. In 1859 it was promoted to the rank of provost church.

Wikipedia: St. Patrokli, Soest (EN)

3. Sankt Simon und Judas Thaddäus

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The Protestant parish church of St Simon and Judas Thaddäus is a listed church building in Bad Sassendorf, a municipality in the district of Soest in North Rhine-Westphalia. The parish founded in 1973 includes the church described here and the parish church of St. Pantaleon in Lohne. The parish history of both churches was largely similar, as there were dependencies between the mother church in Lohne and the branch church in Bad Sassendorf. The buildings, however, differ because of the different times of origin.

Wikipedia: Evangelische Kirche Bad Sassendorf (DE)

4. Nikolai-Kapelle

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The Nikolaikapelle in Soest in the immediate vicinity of the Patroklidom has an excellent place among the chapel buildings of Westphalia due to its special design. It was built around 1200 in the immunity area of the St. Patrokli Monastery, but according to the latest state of research, probably not by Soest merchants, as was often assumed due to the St. Nicholas Patrozinium and the design.

Wikipedia: Nikolaikapelle (Soest) (DE)

5. Sankt Pauli

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Sankt Pauli Schonekind / Public domain

St. Pauli is a Gothic hall church in Soest (North Rhine-Westphalia). The three-bay hall church with the mighty tower on a square floor plan characterizes the cityscape in the southwestern part of the city. It belongs to the Protestant St. Petri-Pauli-Gemeinde, which with about 8100 parishioners is the largest Protestant parish in Soest and belongs to the church district of Soest.

Wikipedia: St. Pauli (Soest) (DE)

6. Burghofmuseum

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The Burghof is an old patrician house in Soest with a castle courtyard museum and a historic ballroom. Directly adjacent is the so-called Romanesque House from 1180, an almost original preserved residential tower-like building, the oldest still existing residential building between the Rhine and Weser.

Wikipedia: Burghof (Soest) (DE)

7. Sankt Petri Kirche

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St. Petri is the oldest parish church in Soest and one of the oldest church foundations in Westphalia. In the 14th century, a church was built on this site in the context of Charlemagne's Saxon mission.

Wikipedia: St. Petri (Soest) (DE)

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