8 Sights in Bad Grönenbach, Germany (with Map and Images)

Explore interesting sights in Bad Grönenbach, Germany. Click on a marker on the map to view details about it. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 8 sights are available in Bad Grönenbach, Germany.

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1. Burg Rothenstein

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Burg Rothenstein Mogadir / CC BY-SA 3.0

Rothenstein Castle (German: Burg Rothenstein) is a ruined hilltop castle above the hamlet of Rothenstein, a village in the municipality of Bad Grönenbach in the district of Unterallgäu in Bavaria (Germany). After the first mention of the castle in 1037, it was extended and rebuilt several times. It was the ancestral seat of the noble family of Rothenstein.

Wikipedia: Burg Rothenstein (DE)

2. Hohes Schloss

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The High Castle is the landmark of the Middle Swabian Kneipp spa town of Bad Grönenbach in the district of Unterallgäu. It stands on a steep mountain nose on the western edge of the village on a Nagelfluhfelsen. The High Castle in Bad Grönenbach is on the list of monuments of the Bavarian State Office for the Preservation of Monuments.

Wikipedia: Hohes Schloss (Bad Grönenbach) (DE)

3. Burgstall Hahnentanz

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Burgstall Hahnentanz is the remains of a former hilltop castle on the western slope of Falken, northeast of Ittelsburg. Located 500 metres south of the Falken Castle Stables in the Unterallgäu district of Bavaria. Over time, the castle became known as Fort Busson, Fort Altitersburg, and later as Fort Zwick. There are only trenches left.

Wikipedia: Burgstall Hahnentanz (DE)

4. Kreislehrgarten

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The Kreislehrgarten Bad Grönenbach is located on the Schlossberg in the immediate vicinity of the High Castle in Bad Grönenbach, in the district of Unterallgäu, Bavaria. The ground-breaking ceremony for the construction of the district teaching garden took place in 1999 and was inaugurated on 29 July 2000.

Wikipedia: Kreislehrgarten Bad Grönenbach (DE)

5. St. Phillipus und Jakobus

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St. Phillipus und Jakobus Simon Brixel Wbrix / CC BY-SA 2.0 de

The Roman Catholic collegiate church of St. Philipp and St. Jakob was the church of the former college in Bad Grönenbach in Bavaria in the Diocese of Augsburg. The church's church cartridges are the apostles Philippus and Jakobus. Today's parish church is under monument protection.

Wikipedia: St. Philipp und Jakob (Bad Grönenbach) (DE)

6. St. Peter und Paul

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The Catholic parish church of St. Peter and Paul is located in Zell, Upper Swabia, a district of Bad Grönenbach in the district of Unterallgäu in Bavaria. The church is a listed building. The church was built in its present form in 1874.

Wikipedia: St. Peter und Paul (Zell) (DE)

7. Burgstall Falken

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Burgstall Falken, also known as Heidelberg, is the remains of a former hilltop castle on Mount Falken, northeast of Ittelsburg in Bad Grönenbach, Unterallg ä u district, Bavaria. There are only ditches and a few walls left.

Wikipedia: Burgstall Falken (DE)

8. Schlössle

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Schlössle Mogadir / CC BY-SA 3.0

The Unteres Schloss, also called Schlößle, is a privately owned castle in the Bavarian spa town of Bad Grönenbach in the Swabian district of Unterallgäu. It stands at an altitude of 718 meters above sea level.

Wikipedia: Unteres Schloss (Bad Grönenbach) (DE)


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