5 Sights in Saint-Nazaire, France (with Map and Images)

Explore interesting sights in Saint-Nazaire, France. Click on a marker on the map to view details about it. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 5 sights are available in Saint-Nazaire, France.

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1. Stèle du Commando de l'Opération Chariot

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The St Nazaire Raid or Operation Chariot was a British amphibious attack on the heavily defended Normandie dry dock at St Nazaire in German-occupied France during the Second World War. The operation was undertaken by the Royal Navy (RN) and British Commandos under the auspices of Combined Operations Headquarters on 28 March 1942. St Nazaire was targeted because the loss of its dry dock would force any large German warship in need of repairs, such as Tirpitz, sister ship of Bismarck, to return to home waters by running the gauntlet of the Home Fleet of the Royal Navy and other British forces, via the English Channel or the North Sea.

Wikipedia: St Nazaire Raid (EN)

2. Tumulus de Dissignac

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The tumulus of Dissignac is a megalithic monument located in the French commune of Saint-Nazaire, in the department of Loire-Atlantique. As much the architecture of the monument, as the engravings or the archaeological material found make it possible to date this monument of 4700-4500 years before our era, which makes it the oldest of the megalithic buildings of Loire-Atlantique. For comparison, it is 2,000 years older than the oldest pyramid in Egypt.

Wikipedia: Tumulus de Dissignac (FR)

3. Varini, Suite de triangles

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Suite of triangles is a 2007 work by Swiss artist Felice Varini. It is located in Saint-Nazaire, France. Like many of Varini's works, it is an anamorphosis, here a series of red triangles, which can only be properly perceived from a single point of view. The painted elements of anamorphosis cover many buildings that surround the port of Saint-Nazaire.

Wikipedia: Suite de triangles (FR), Website

4. Dolmen des Trois Pierres

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The dolmen of the Three Stones, also called trilithic dolmen or dolmen of the Priory or dolmen of Bois-Savary, is a dolmen located in the commune of Saint-Nazaire, in the department of Loire-Atlantique, in France. Although its existence is mentioned as early as the seventeenth century, its authenticity has sometimes, wrongly, been questioned.

Wikipedia: Dolmen des Trois Pierres (Saint-Nazaire) (FR)

5. Écomusée

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The ecomuseum of Saint-Nazaire is located on the autonomous port of Nantes-Saint-Nazaire opposite the Chantiers de l'Atlantique. It presents a permanent exhibition, and offers visits and workshops on the heritage and history of Saint-Nazaire.

Wikipedia: Écomusée de Saint-Nazaire (FR), Website


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