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Explore interesting sights in Marly-le-Roi, France. Click on a marker on the map to view details about it. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 6 sights are available in Marly-le-Roi, France.

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1. Les Chevaux de Marly

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The Marly Horses are two 1743–1745 Carrara marble sculpted groups by Guillaume Coustou, showing two rearing horses with their groom. They were commissioned by Louis XV of France for the trough at the entrance to the grounds of his château de Marly. Coustou's last works, they were intended to replace two other sculpted groups, Mercury on Pegasus and Pegasus, Renown of Horses, both by Antoine Coysevox, which had been removed to the Tuileries Gardens in 1719.

Wikipedia: Marly Horses (EN)

2. Aqueduc de Louveciennes

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L'Aqueduc de Louveciennes, sometimes called Aqueduc de Marly is an aqueduct built in the 17th century under the reign of Louis XIV, located in Louveciennes. Now out of service, the aqueduct has been listed as a Monument historique since 1953. It was a part of the hydraulic network intended to provide water for the Château de Marly and the Gardens of Versailles from the Seine river, using a huge pump called the Machine de Marly.

Wikipedia: Aqueduc de Louveciennes (EN)

3. Château de Marly-le-Roi

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The Château de Marly was a French royal residence located in what is now Marly-le-Roi, the commune on the northern edge of the royal park. This was situated west of the palace and garden complex at Versailles. Marly-le-Roi is the town that developed to serve the château, which was demolished in 1806 after passing into private ownership and being used as a factory. The town is now a bedroom community for Paris.

Wikipedia: Château de Marly (EN)

4. Château de Madame du Barry

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Lady Dubari Castle in Louveciennes (Evelings), made up of the following parts: the castle itself, built by Robert de Cote at the end of the 17th century, and then possibly expanded and redecorated for Lady Dubari by Angie-Jacques Gabriel; A reception pavilion built by Claude Nicolas Ledoux called pavillon de musique; A park that was divided in the 19th century.

Wikipedia: Château de Madame du Barry (Louveciennes) (FR)

5. Pavillon de musique de la Comtesse du Barry

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The Pavillon de musique, Pavillon Ledoux or Pavillon de musique de Madame du Barry is a building built by the architect Claude-Nicolas Ledoux, from Dec. 1770 to Jan. 1772, on the initiative of Madame du Barry, the last favourite of King Louis XV.

Wikipedia: Pavillon de musique (Louveciennes) (FR)

6. Machine de Marly

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The Machine de Marly, also known as the Marly Machine or the Machine of Marly, was a large hydraulic system in Yvelines, France, built in 1684 to pump water from the river Seine and deliver it to the Palace of Versailles.

Wikipedia: Machine de Marly (EN)

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