8 Sights in Kouvola, Finland (with Map and Images)

Explore interesting sights in Kouvola, Finland. Click on a marker on the map to view details about it. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 8 sights are available in Kouvola, Finland.

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1. Pictogram

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Verla's rock painting is a rock painting in Kouvola in the area of the former municipality of Valkeala, near the culturally and historically significant Verla ironworks village. The painting was made on the neck of the Verlankoski rapids, along the mäntyharju route of the current Kymijoki river, from where the ancient so-called Matkuslampi riverbed of Saimaa also ran into the Kymijoki river. The rock painting is Stone Age, but there is no more precise time determination. In the painting, among other things, a queue of moose looking to the left, that is, to the north, stands out, as well as some human figures.

Wikipedia: Verlan kalliomaalaus (FI)

2. Elvingin näkötorni

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Revival Tower is Whitehall in Kuvola and is the viewing tower in Leiboe. Rudolph Bernhard Irwin, a hillside consultant, built it on the land of Kirchhok Manor in 19051907. The purpose of the tower was to assist in fire prevention and other supervision work in the surrounding area. During World War II, it served as an aerial surveillance site, but was later raped because of poor conditions. In 1994, Kymi Company and Whalkeala/Vecara and Lionsklues of Whalkeala decided to renovate the museum office designated as a building of cultural value, which was opened to the public in the summer of 1995.

Wikipedia: Elvingin torni (FI)

3. Pyhän Ursulan kirkko

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The St. Ursula's Church is a Roman Catholic church in Kouvola, Finland. The congregation was founded in 1985, and at first the masses were celebrated in an apartment. The current church was inaugurated on December 11, 1993. It was designed by architect Benito Casagrande. The congregation got support for the church project from German Catholics. The current priest of the congregation is Father Jean Claude Kabeza.

Wikipedia: St. Ursula's Church, Kouvola (EN), Website

4. Löppösenluolan kalliomaalaus

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The rock painting of Löppösenluola is located in Valkeala, Kouvola. It is next to a cave-like formation on the southeastern shore of Repovesi in Repovesi National Park. The rock painting is stunted and worn by the weather, and at least the depression of the palm stands out from it. The painting was discovered by Pekka Sarvas and Jussi-Pekka Taavitsainen in 1974.

Wikipedia: Löppösenluolan kalliomaalaus (FI)

5. Hiidenkirnu

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A giant's kettle, also known as either a giant's cauldron, moulin pothole, or glacial pothole, is a typically large and cylindrical pothole drilled in solid rock underlying a glacier either by water descending down a deep moulin or by gravel rotating in the bed of subglacial meltwater stream.

Wikipedia: Giant's kettle (EN)

6. Verla Groundwood and Board Mill

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Verla is a village in Kouvola, on the border of the Jaala and Valkeala metropolitan areas in northern Kymenlaakso. In and around the village operates e.g. Verla Region Village Association. The population of the Verla postcode area was 141 in 2020.

Wikipedia: Verla (FI), Website

7. Keskuskirkko

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Kouvola Central Church is a church in Kouvola. The church was designed by the architectural office Jaakko and Kaarina Laapotti and was completed in 1977 and inaugurated in 1978. The building belongs to the premises of the Kouvola parish union.

Wikipedia: Kouvolan keskuskirkko (FI)

8. Kalliomaalaus

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Water Tower Rock Painting, the Pacific Ocean, is located in the center of Elimiere, Kuvola Province. The rock paintings were discovered on July 8, 1999 by teacher Vico Turkey and have been arranged in the Stone Age.

Wikipedia: Vesitorninmäen kalliomaalaus (FI)


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