8 Sights in Kokkola, Finland (with Map and Images)

Explore interesting sights in Kokkola, Finland. Click on a marker on the map to view details about it. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 8 sights are available in Kokkola, Finland.

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1. K. H. Renlund museum

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K. H. Renlund Museum is a museum in Kokkola that operates as a regional museum in Central Ostrobothnia. The regional museum in charge serves as an expert in cultural heritage in its area of operation. The responsible museum operations are based on the revised Museums Act that entered into force in 2020. The regional responsibilities of the K. H. Renlund Museum include the following entities: the task of promoting regional museum activities, the regional art museum task and the cultural environment task. The cultural environment task includes advice on archaeological cultural heritage as well as the built environment and renovation.

Wikipedia: K. H. Renlundin museo – Keski-Pohjanmaan maakuntamuseo (FI)

2. Kälviän kirkko

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Kälviä Church is a church of Kälviä parish, built in 1905, in Kälviä, Central Ostrobothnia. Two previous churches have been located on the same site. The church is outwardly in its original form. In terms of its shape, it is an outer-chamfered, flat-topped cross church, and in terms of architecture it represents the late Neo-Gothic, also called the Nikkari style due to its rich decorative motifs. The tower of the church is sharp-peaked and similar to lanternine. The church has about 700 seats.

Wikipedia: Kälviän kirkko (FI)

3. Kokkolan majakka

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Kokkola lighthouse is a bottom lighthouse located at the mouth of the fairway leading to Kokkola, where it guides ships coming from the sea past the vast shallows. The lighthouse tower was being built in the port of Ykspihlaja, and it was completed in 1977. The lighthouse is powered by solar energy and has a luminous intensity of 4400 candelas and a range of 12.5 nautical miles.

Wikipedia: Kokkolan majakka (FI)

4. Kokkolan kirkko

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Kokkola Church is a brick -based church designed by architect Aarne Nuorila in the center of Kokkola. The church is given the name de Profundis - the depth of Psalm 130. It is the main church of the Finnish parish of Kokkola. The church has about 1,200 seats, in addition to the church hall, the church has, among others, the Iasten Room and the bridal room.

Wikipedia: Kokkolan kirkko (FI)

5. Memorial of J.V Snellman

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Memorial of J.V Snellman Pekka Jylhä (teos), Jukka Kolppanen (valokuva) / CC-BY-SA-3.0

The monument to J. V. Snellman is located in the city center. Designed by Pekka Jylhä and unveiled in 2006, the ensemble depicts a boy sitting on a stone and reading. The work is located on an ice age boulder known as Kokkokivi. Snellman, who spent his childhood in Kokkola, used to climb with his books to read.

Wikipedia: J. V. Snellmanin muistomerkki (Kokkola) (FI)

6. Ykspihlajan kirkko

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Ykspihlaja Church is a church located in Ykspihlaja, Kokkola. The church was drawn and designed by architect Aarne Nuortila. The church is built of red brick and is the second largest church in old Kokkola. Ykspihlaja Church was consecrated in 1968 and is used by the Finnish congregation of Kokkola.

Wikipedia: Ykspihlajan kirkko (FI)

7. Tankarin majakka

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Tankar Lighthouse is a lighthouse located on the island of Tankar in the Bothnian Bay on the west coast of Finland, outside the city of Kokkola, serving the shipping lane to the Port of Kokkola c. 15 kilometres (8.1 nmi) away.

Wikipedia: Tankar Lighthouse (EN)

8. Gamlakarleby Metodistförsamling

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Gamlakarleby Metodistförsamling / fair use

Kokkola Methodist Church is a Methodist congregation in Kokkola, founded in 1883. The premises of the parish are located in the center of Kokkola on Pitkänsillankatu. The pastor of the church is Mika Uusimäki.

Wikipedia: Kokkolan metodistiseurakunta (FI)


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