6 Sights in Slagelse Municipality, Denmark (with Map and Images)

Explore interesting sights in Slagelse Municipality, Denmark. Click on a marker on the map to view details about it. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 6 sights are available in Slagelse Municipality, Denmark.

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1. Trelleborg

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The Trelleborg, west of Slagelse on the Danish island of Zealand, is one of seven known Viking ring castles. When built, the fortress was situated on a peninsula that jutted into the swampy area between two rivers. The swamp was connected to the Great Belt by a lake and could be navigated by Viking ships. Trelleborg is believed to have been ordered by King Harald Bluetooth in the year 980 AD and it might have commanded the Great Belt and its sea traffic, between the islands of Zealand and Funen.

Wikipedia: Trelleborg (Slagelse) (EN)

2. Agersø Mølle

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Agersø Mølle is located on the island of Agersø near Stigsnæs. The mill was built in 1892 and is a Dutch windmill with a gallery. It consists of a square brick base mill in boulders and an octagonal upper mill in wood covered with shavings. The hat is bulbous and sheathed with shavings. The wings have a wingspan of 16 meters and stern for sails. The mill is yaw manually. It has been restored in several stages and often runs on ''Dansk Mølledag'' in June.

Wikipedia: Agersø Mølle (DA), Website

3. Panzermuseum East

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Panzermuseum East is a Danish military museum about 13 km south of Slagelse. The museum has a variety of military vehicles. The museum's focus is to show the military machinery of the Warsaw Pact countries, which could have been deployed in, among other places, The Hague. Denmark, if the Cold War had become "hot". Panzermuseum East opened on 3 May 2014 in a building of 4500 m2.

Wikipedia: Panzermuseum East (DA), Website

4. Sprogø Fyr

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Language island pine is a kind of andudovents pine established on the language island of Dadai in 1868. One of the original lighthouses was built on the island by Poulluwenhorn in 1809, and was used by the Postal Service as an auxiliary equipment for navigation when crossing the Great Belt.

Wikipedia: Sprogø Fyr (DA)

5. Eggeslevmagle Kirke

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Eggeslevmagle Kirke Hans A. Rosbach / CC BY-SA 3.0

Eggeslevmagle Church is located in the village of Eggeslevmagle approx. 5 km NE of Skælskør. Until kommunalreformen in 2007 it was located in Skælskør Municipality, and until Kommunalreformen in 1970 it was located in Vester Flakkebjerg Herred.

Wikipedia: Eggeslevmagle Kirke (DA)

6. Gerlev Kirke

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Gerlev Kirke Hans A. Rosbach / CC BY-SA 3.0

Gerlev Church is located in the village of Gerlev, about 5 km S of Slagelse. Until kommunalreformen in 2007 it was located in Hashøj Municipality, and until Kommunalreformen in 1970 it was located in Slagelse Herred.

Wikipedia: Gerlev Kirke (Slagelse Kommune) (DA)


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