7 Sights in Sønderborg, Denmark (with Map and Images)

Explore interesting sights in Sønderborg, Denmark. Click on a marker on the map to view details about it. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 7 sights are available in Sønderborg, Denmark.

List of cities in Denmark

1. Stenderup Frimenighedskirke

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Stenderup Frimenighedskirke is located in Stenderup in Southern Jutland. The church was completed in 1903 and consecrated as a free congregational church on 6 December of the same year and closed down in 1970, and now belongs to the Sundeved Centre. The centre itself is housed in the former Stenderup Free Congregation's buildings - church and rectory, located on Stenderup Church Hill, approx. 1 km north of the village of Nybøl. The Free Congregational Church was established at a time when the North Schleswig part of Southern Jutland was German, and it was Danish-minded people who established the church. The area did not become Danish until after Reunification in 1920.

Wikipedia: Stenderup Frimenighedskirke (DA)

2. Ullerup Kirke

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Ullerup Church in Ullerup on Sundeved, is consecrated to St. Laurentius, and is a Romanesque church from around 1200. The nave and choir are from the first time. The nave remains more or less unchanged, while the choir has been altered. The church is located in the middle of Ullerup in a well-preserved village environment with a number of older thatched houses.

Wikipedia: Ullerup Kirke (DA)

3. Nybøl Mølle

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The new mill is a tower mill, located in Hsinchu, on the north side of Hsinchu, on Sequoia. The mill was originally a remnant mill in the 16th century, but was rebuilt as a Dutch windmill in 1879. The mill operated until 1957, then declined, but was later restored several times and made peace in 1998. Owners are happy to open the mill for a visit.

Wikipedia: Nybøl Mølle (DA)

4. Barsten

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The Barsten is a boulder heavily covered with lichens, so that it is difficult to recognize the structure of both coarse- and fine-grained parts of magmatite. Most of it appears to be fine-grained and reddish (aplite). The fine-grained parts appear to be fissured in parallel.

Wikipedia: Barsten (DE)

5. Sankt Marie Kirke

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The St. Mary's Church is a church owned by the Church of Denmark in Sønderborg, Denmark and the church of the parish with the same name. Thanks to its location on a hill, the church building is very iconic for the city.

Wikipedia: St. Mary's Church, Sønderborg (EN), Website

6. Christianskirken

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Christianskirken is the parish church in Christians Parish, which includes the eastern part of Sønderborg city. In 1957, the parish was separated from Sønderborg Parish, which at that time included the entire town.

Wikipedia: Christianskirken (Sønderborg Kommune) (DA)

7. Sønderborg Teater

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Sønderborg Theatre is a theatre in Sønderborg on the Alsside of Alssund in Southern Jutland. The theatre has about 40 different performances throughout the year and is used by Sønderborg Theatre Association.

Wikipedia: Sønderborg Teater (DA), Website


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