7 Sights in Otterup, Denmark (with Map and Images)

Explore interesting sights in Otterup, Denmark. Click on a marker on the map to view details about it. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 7 sights are available in Otterup, Denmark.

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1. Uggerslev Kirke

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Owl Sleep Church is the church of Owl Sleep Village, near the otter on the lighthouse. It is the church in the owl sleeping area. The church was founded in the 11th century, but was first mentioned in the Sources (implied) in 1447, when its vicar, Mathematics at wgerlavf, witnessed the glory of shame. With state aid from 1524-26, the church contributed to low tariffs in 10 areas.

Wikipedia: Uggerslev Kirke (DA)

2. Hofmansgave

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Hofmansgave is an old manor house, first mentioned in 1483, called Knyle, called Qvitzowsholm from 1588, called Roseneje from 1683 and called Bøttigersholm from 1718. The name Hofmansgave is from 1785. The farm is located close to the northwestern end of Odense Fjord, in Norup Sogn, Lunde Herred, Nordfyns Municipality. The main building was built in 1784-1787 by J. C. Seyffert.

Wikipedia: Hofmansgave (DA), Website

3. Uggerslev Mølle

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Uggerslev Mølle is a windmill of the type "Dutch grain mill with land turn", built in 1900, and located at the village of Uggerslev near Otterup on Northern Funen. It ground grain until 1967, when it was taken out of service. The mill is privately owned, and the family has operated mills here since 1880.

Wikipedia: Uggerslev Mølle (DA)

4. Ørritslevgaard

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Ørritslevgård is a small manor house in Otterup Parish, Lunde Herred, Otterup Municipality on North Funen. The farm is first mentioned in 1580. The main building was built in 1789. The estate includes 340 hectares of land. Many of the owners of Ørritslevgård were also owners of Hollufgård.

Wikipedia: Ørritslevgård (DA)

5. Nislevgård

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Nislevgård was first mentioned in 1588 and was a breeding farm under Ravnholt Estate from 1752 to 1925. The farm is located in Otterup Parish, Lunde Herred, Otterup Municipality. The main building was built in 1895. Nislevgård is today a boarding school.

Wikipedia: Nislevgård (DA)

6. Gerskov Kirke

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Gerskov Kirke Hideko Bondesen / CC BY-SA 2.5

Gerskov Church is located in the village of Gerskov, approx. 10 km NE of Odense. Until the municipal reform in 2007 it was located in Otterup Municipality and until the municipal reform in 1970 it was in Lunde Herred.

Wikipedia: Gerskov Kirke (DA)

7. Glavendrupstenen

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The Glavendrup stone, designated as DR 209 by Rundata, is a runestone on the island of Funen in Denmark and dates from the early 10th century. It contains Denmark's longest runic inscription and ends in a curse.

Wikipedia: Glavendrup stone (EN)


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