12 Sights in Frederiksberg Municipality, Denmark (with Map and Images)

Here you can find interesting sights in Frederiksberg Municipality, Denmark. Click on a marker on the map to view details about the sight. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 12 sights are available in Frederiksberg Municipality, Denmark.

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1. Bådteatret

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Bådteatret is a floating theatre located on an old barge in Nyhavn in Copenhagen. The theatre offers both its own productions and guest performances. The in-house productions focus on puppet and animation theatre for adults, where classical or philosophical texts are processed. Guest performances are performed by youth theatres, just as performances in English are offered to the many tourists who come to Nyhavn. In the periods between performances, there are performing arts projects such as cabarets, poetry readings and cultural dinners.

Wikipedia: Bådteatret (DA)

2. Det Kongelige Teater

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The Royal Danish Theatre is both the national Danish performing arts institution and a name used to refer to its old purpose-built venue from 1874 located on Kongens Nytorv in Copenhagen. The theatre was founded in 1748, first serving as the theatre of the king, and then as the theatre of the country. The theatre presents opera, the Royal Danish Ballet, multi-genre concerts, and drama in several locations. The Royal Danish Theatre organization is under the control of the Danish Ministry of Culture.

Wikipedia: Royal Danish Theatre (EN)

3. Bakkehusmuseet

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Bakkehuset is a historic house museum on Rahbeks Allé in the Frederiksberg district of Copenhagen, Denmark. Dating from the 1520s, it has served a number of functions over the years, including as a farmhouse, inn, private home, psychiatric hospital and orphanage. It is particularly associated with the Danish Golden Age when it was owned by Knud Lyne Rahbek and his wife, Kamma Rahbek, used it as a venue for her salons.

Wikipedia: Bakkehuset (EN)

4. Haveselskabets Have

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The Royal Danish Horticultural Society's Garden is a garden in the Frederiksberg district of Copenhagen, Denmark operated by the Danish Horticultural Society as a source of inspiration for its members as well as other people with an interest in gardening. It is situated on Frederiksberg Runddel, just left of the main entrance to Frederiksberg Gardens.

Wikipedia: Royal Danish Horticultural Society's Garden (EN)

5. Cisternerne

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Cisternerne is an exhibition space for contemporary art in Copenhagen, Denmark with one annual site-specific total experience - and a wide range of events during the year. Cisternerne is an integral part of the Frederiksberg Museums (Frederiksbergmuseerne) where the singularity of its architecture and atmosphere remains a core attraction.

Wikipedia: Cisternerne (EN)

6. The Little Mermaid

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The Little Mermaid is a bronze statue by Edvard Eriksen, depicting a mermaid becoming human. The sculpture is displayed on a rock by the waterside at the Langelinie promenade in Copenhagen, Denmark. It is 1.25 metres (4.1 ft) tall and weighs 175 kilograms (385 lb).

Wikipedia: The Little Mermaid (statue) (EN)

7. Copenhagen Contemporary

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Copenhagen Contemporary Orf3us / CC BY 4.0

Copenhagen Contemporary (CC) is an international art centre on Refshaleøen in Copenhagen. The art center shows installation art, video works and performance art created by contemporary artists. Copenhagen Contemporary can be found in the old B&W welding hall.

Wikipedia: Copenhagen Contemporary (DA)

8. Det Ny Teater

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Det Ny Teater is an established theatre in Copenhagen, Denmark, first opened in 1908. It is based in a building which spans a passage between Vesterbrogade and Gammel Kongevej in Copenhagen's theatre district on the border between Vesterbro and Frederiksberg.

Wikipedia: Det Ny Teater (EN)

9. Katolsk Apostolisk Kirke

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The Catholic Apostolic Church on the corner of Gyldenløvesgade and Nørre Søgade is a church in Copenhagen belonging to the Catholic Apostolic Congregation. The church has not been used for years and may be demolished.

Wikipedia: Den Katolsk-Apostolske Kirke (København) (DA)

10. Betty Nansen Teatret

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Betty Nansen Teatret is a theatre situated on Frederiksberg Allé in the Frederiksberg district of Copenhagen, Denmark. It takes its name from the actress Betty Nansen, who managed it from 1917 until her death in 1943.

Wikipedia: Betty Nansen Teatret (EN)

11. Caritasbrønden

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Caritasbrønden CucombreLibre from New York, NY, USA / CC BY 2.0

The Caritas Well, also known as the Caritas Fountain, is the oldest fountain in Copenhagen, Denmark. It was built in 1608 by Christian IV and is located on Gammeltorv, now part of the Strøget pedestrian zone.

Wikipedia: Caritas Well (EN)

12. Den Kongelige Afstøbningssamling

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Den Kongelige Afstøbningssamling Nico-dk 16:33, 15 September 2009 (UTC) / Nils Jepsen / CC BY-SA 3.0

The Royal Cast Collection is housed in the West Indian Warehouse at Toldbodgade 40 in Copenhagen and contains approximately 2,200 plaster casts of sculptures from 2,500 f. Kr to around the year 1600.

Wikipedia: Den Kongelige Afstøbningssamling (DA)

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