8 Sights in Esbjerg, Denmark (with Map and Images)

Here you can find interesting sights in Esbjerg, Denmark. Click on a marker on the map to view details about the sight. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 8 sights are available in Esbjerg, Denmark.

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1. Teaterhuset

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Esbjerg Children's and Youth Theatre is a theatre association in Esbjerg. Since the 1960s, the theatre has performed plays at various locations in Esbjerg, where they have performed a summer play every year since 1981 – either in the open air or in a circus tent. The theatre is still developing, it has many fairytale performances, but it is also constantly writing new things itself: It has children's drama groups, youth groups, children's circuses that make performances, it has adults who play for children, children and adults who play together, it has stationary performances and to a certain extent still tries to be proactive. Since 1980, the theatre has had premises in Teaterhuset, Borgergade 25.

Wikipedia: Esbjerg Børne- og Ungdomsteater (DA)

2. Bogtrykmuseet i Esbjerg

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The Esbjerg Printing Museum is located in the city of Esbjerg in the southwest of Jutland, Denmark. Established in 1979, it traces the history of the art of printing from the beginning of the 20th century until it was replaced by more rapid technologies. The collection includes a variety of equipment used to print books and newspapers, mainly from Germany and Denmark.

Wikipedia: Esbjerg Printing Museum (EN)

3. Esbjerg Water Tower

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Esbjerg Water Tower is an iconic water tower in Esbjerg in southwest Jutland, Denmark. Completed in 1897, it was designed by Christian Hjerrild Clausen who had been inspired by Nuremberg's Nassauer Haus. It stands on a Bronze Age burial mound at the top of a cliff overlooking the harbour. As a result, it has become the landmark of Esbjerg.

Wikipedia: Esbjerg Water Tower (EN)

4. Esbjerg Kunstmuseum

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The Esbjerg Art Museum is an independently owned art museum in Esbjerg in southwest Jutland, Denmark. Founded in 1910, in 1962 it moved into a new building in the City Park designed by Jytte og Ove Tapdrup. Since 1997, the museum has formed part of a complex which also contains the Esbjerg Performing Arts Centre.

Wikipedia: Esbjerg Art Museum (EN)

5. Esbjerg Museum

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Esbjerg Museum in the centre of Esbjerg in southwest Jutland, Denmark, opened in 1941 with permanent collections covering the history of the city and the surrounding region. It includes displays from the Iron Age and the Viking Period as well as a large amber exhibition.

Wikipedia: Esbjerg Museum (EN)

6. Treenighedskirken

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Trinity Church is a modern church in Esbjerg in the southwest of Jutland, Denmark. Designed by local architects Erik Flagstad Rasmussen and Knud Thomsen, the yellow-brick building with large triangular stained-glass windows was completed in 1961.

Wikipedia: Trinity Church, Esbjerg (EN)

7. Sankt Nikolaj Kirke

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St Nikolaj Church is a Roman Catholic parish church in Esbjerg in the southwest of Jutland, Denmark. Designed by Johan Otto von Spreckelsen, the rectangular building of aerated concrete was completed and consecrated in 1969.

Wikipedia: St. Nicholas' Church, Esbjerg (EN)

8. I.C. Møllerparken

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I. C. Møllerparken is a recreational park located in central Esbjerg, Denmark. It covers the space of Esbjerg's first cemetery, belonging to Church of Our Saviour, which since 2005 has been disused for burials.

Wikipedia: I.C. Møllerparken (EN)

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