8 Sights in Elsinore, Denmark (with Map and Images)

Here you can find interesting sights in Elsinore, Denmark. Click on a marker on the map to view details about the sight. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 8 sights are available in Elsinore, Denmark.

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1. Holger Danske

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Ogier the Dane is a legendary paladin of Charlemagne who appears in many Old French chansons de geste. In particular, he features as the protagonist in La Chevalerie Ogier, which belongs to the Geste de Doon de Mayence. The first part of this epic, the enfance[s] of Ogier, is marked by his duel against a Saracen from whom he obtains the sword Cortain, followed by victory over another Saracen opponent from whom he wins the horse Broiefort. In subsequent parts, Ogier turns into a rebel with cause, seeking refuge with the King of Lombardy and warring with Charlemagne for many years, until he is eventually reconciled when a dire need for him emerges after another Saracen incursion.

Wikipedia: Ogier the Dane (EN)

2. Skibsklarerergaarden

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Skibsklarerergaarden, literally "The Ship Handler's House"), is a historic house museum and listed building situated on Strandgade in Helsingør, Denmark. A "ship handler" handled the paperwork at Øresund Custom House for captains in connection with Denmark's collection of Sound Dues from all ships that passed through the Øresund. The Sound Duty was collected on and off between 1429 and 1857 and was one of Denmark's most important sources of income as well as a major cause of local prosperity in Helsingør. The ground floor of the building contains a Ship-chandler with Denmark's oldest surviving shop interior. The building is also known as Rasmussens Gård.

Wikipedia: Skibsklarerergaarden (EN)

3. Marienlyst Slot

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Marienlyst Castle is a palatial residence located in Helsingør, Denmark. It was named after King Frederik V of Denmark's second wife, Juliana Maria, the queen consort of Denmark and Norway. The building formerly served as a royal pavilion of Kronborg Castle and was mostly used as a venue for pleasure and hunting. It was also used by the director-general of the Øresund Custom House, Colonel Adam Gottlob von Krogh and his wife Magdalene, between 1796 and 1847.

Wikipedia: Marienlyst Castle (EN)

4. Øresund Aquarium

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Øresundsakvariet is a museum of wildlife in the Sound, and is part of the University of Copenhagen. The aquarium is located close to Øresund and nordhavn in Helsingør. In the period from 2005 to 2006, Øresundsakvariet has undergone the largest expansion and renovation since the aquarium opened in 1973. The improvements include a brand new modern filtration system for aquarium water, which provides the cleanest water in Denmark.

Wikipedia: Øresundsakvariet (DA)

5. Danserindebrønden

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Dancing Goddess is a group of statues of health gate in Denmark, which was ordered by Danish sculptor Rudolph on the dragon robe. The group of statues shows three young girls dancing joyfully on the edge of a well and sitting in a small garden facility at the corner of Crowne Plaza and the whole street.

Wikipedia: Danserindebrønden (DA)

6. Sankt Olai Kirke

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Saint Olaf's Church is the cathedral church of Helsingør in the north of Zealand, Denmark. With a history going back to around 1200, the present building was completed in 1559. In 1961, the church was given the status of cathedral in connection with the establishment of the Diocese of Helsingør.

Wikipedia: St. Olaf's Church, Helsingør (EN)

7. Helsingør Bymuseum

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Helsingør City Museum is a local history museum in Helsingørm Denmark. The 16th-century building in which it is based is known as the Cammelite House although the Carmelite brothers from the adjacent Priory of Our Lady have in fact only built a minor part of the build.

Wikipedia: Helsingør City Museum (EN)

8. Vestervang Kirke

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Vestervang Kirke Per Sander Helenius from Landskrona, Sweden / CC BY 2.0

Vestervang Church is located in Helsingør. The church was consecrated on Palm Sunday, April 3, 1966, replacing a church room decorated in the basement of the School at Gurrevej, located on the other side of Skolealléen.

Wikipedia: Vestervang Kirke (Helsingør Kommune) (DA)

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