12 Sights in Praha 1, Czechia (with Map and Images)

Here you can find interesting sights in Praha 1, Czechia. Click on a marker on the map to view details about the sight. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 12 sights are available in Praha 1, Czechia.

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1. Malovanka

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Malovanka, originally known as Peterka, is an agricultural estate, according to which Malovanka is known as the entire adjoining area of St å e š ovice, near Petynka 6-B å evnov in Prague. The owner of the manor is 18 years old. Peterka (Peterka) for a century, its name was once called Manor. In that century, there was a tourist Forman Tavern. Malovanka's name may come from the nearby Strahov Gate, which is said to be a good painting.

Wikipedia: Malovanka (CS)

2. Panna Maria Vítězná

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The White Mountain Victory Notre Dame Church in Repch, Prague's 17th District, is a pilgrimage site close to the White Mountain Battle. It is located north of Karlovarsk á Street and southeast of White Mountains in the Rep cadastral area, and is also one of the most important landmarks in the area. The pilgrimage area of the Church of Victory of the Virgin Mary has been a national cultural monument since 2018.

Wikipedia: Kostel Panny Marie Vítězné (Bílá hora) (CS)

3. Panny Marie Altöttinské

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The Chapel of Our Lady of Altöttin stands in Prague and was founded by the Order of theatins. Specifically, it stands in the Břevnov district between the former Kajetánka and Petynka homesteads in the valley below Tejnkou, which stretches from Břevnov towards Prague. The chapel is not far from Radimova Street number 447 It stands on an undeveloped plot and has no purpose.

Wikipedia: Kaple Panny Marie Altöttinské (Praha) (CS)

4. Max van der Stoel

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The monument to Max van der Stoel is a work of art that commemorates the Dutch politician Max van der Stoel and his support for Charter 77. The monument in the shape of a tree shadow lies in the Max van der Stoel Park in Prague 6. Its authors are sculptor Dominik Lang and architect Jakub Červenka. The work was created in 2017 at the instigation of the Dutch Embassy.

Wikipedia: Pomník Maxe van der Stoela (CS)

5. Trauttmannsdorfský palác

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Trauttmansdorff Palace or Trcek Palace is a classical palace located on Loretan No 180/6 Street, Hradcany, Prague District 1. It is named after the Austrian genus Trauttmansdorff. The palace is protected as a cultural monument of the Czech Republic. The palace has been part of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic since October 2019.

Wikipedia: Trauttmannsdorfský palác (CS)

6. Popmuseum

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The Museum and Archive of Popular Music is a museum, archive and information center in Prague dedicated to popular music. The museum is located in Břevnov, in the former coaching inn U Kaštanu, now the Kaštan House of Culture. There is a Moravian branch in Brno. The museum is managed by the company of the same name.

Wikipedia: Muzeum a archiv populární hudby (CS)

7. Loreta

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The Chapel of Our Lady of Loreto or the Loreto Chapel in Prague or the Prague Loreto is a copy of the famous holy hut located in Loreto, Italy. It is located in the middle of the Prague Loreto complex in the immediate vicinity of the Church of the Nativity on Loretánské Square in Prague 1 – Hradčany.

Wikipedia: Loretánská kaple v Praze (CS)

8. svatá Markéta

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Antiochij St Margaret's Cathedral in Prague 6-B å evnov is the main temple of Baroque churches, mini cathedrals and Danube monasteries. Antiochij, the cathedral dedicated to St. Voitke and St. Marquay, and the entire monastery and monastery garden have been preserved as cultural monuments since 1958.

Wikipedia: Bazilika svaté Markéty (Břevnov) (CS)

9. svatý Martin

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PRAGUE-The Greek Church of St. Martin is a small stonemason Romanesque church with an antebellum, rectangular boats and a semicircular apsid. It is located on the former visitor's Zalan Street, near the bus stop of Ke Kamence. The whole area of the church is protected.

Wikipedia: Kostel svatého Martina (Řepy) (CS)

10. svatá Rodina

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Sagrada Familia in Prague 6-The Greeks are the main church of Leipzig parish. It is connected to the Monastery of Boromesky and the home of St. Charles Boromesky. The church, along with the monastery, became 16. Cultural monuments in the Czech Republic in August 2000.

Wikipedia: Kostel Svaté rodiny (Řepy) (CS)

11. Bílá hora

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Bílá hora is a hill of the Prague Plateau in the northern part of Prague's Bílá Hora district. The peak of the White Mountain was the highest point of Prague from 1960 to 1974. The hill is the venue of the Battle of White Mountain during the Thirty Years' War.

Wikipedia: Bílá hora (Pražská plošina) (CS)

12. Panna Marie Andělská

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The Church of Our Lady of the Angels in Prague or the Church of Our Lady Queen of Angels is a Capuchin church on Loretánské Square in Prague's Hradčany district, which is part of the oldest Capuchin monastery in Bohemia.

Wikipedia: Kostel Panny Marie Andělské (Hradčany) (CS)

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