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Explore interesting sights in Mikulášovice, Czechia. Click on a marker on the map to view details about it. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 13 sights are available in Mikulášovice, Czechia.

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1. Wolfstein

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Wolfstein is a hill with an altitude of 393 m in the Sebnitz Forest in the territory of the large district town of Sebnitz in Germany. Geomorphologically, it belongs to the Šluknov Hills and is located on the northwestern slope of Kamenný vrch, whose peak with an altitude of 447 m lies in lower Mikulášovice. The geological subsoil consists of Lusatian granodiorite, which is in the top part broken into large boulders creating a stone sea with smaller caves. Water from the hill is drained into the border Vilémovský stream. Wolfstein is forested, with Norway spruce (Picea abies) predominating in the stands. It is located on the territory of the Sebnitzer Wald und Kaiserberg Site of Community Importance. Wolfstein is passed by the Alte Wölmsdorfer Straße, which branches off from the Alte Nixdorfer Straße south of the summit and connects the town of Sebnitz with Vilémov.

Wikipedia: Wolfstein (Šluknovská pahorkatina) (CS)

2. Kostel svatého Mikuláše

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The Church of Saint Nicholas is a Roman Catholic parish church in the historic center of the town of Mikul á š ovice, a Luknov bistro in northern Bohemia. It stands in the middle of Unknown Square, informally known as the Church, on the main road connecting Lower Hermit Ding and Lumbock. The first church dedicated to Saint Nicholas was mentioned in 1445 at Mikul á š ovice. The first church was apparently built with the village in the second half. Century. The newly built Renaissance church was built between 1551 and 1555 and experienced Baroque expansion and expansion between 1694 and 1695. The current building dates from 1750 to 1751, and its dedication began at the end of 1751. Since 1958, the building has been protected as a cultural monument.

Wikipedia: Kostel svatého Mikuláše (Mikulášovice) (CS)

3. Kitzlerberg

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Kitzlerberg is a peak with an altitude of 403 meters above sea level. It is located in Germany in the state of Saxony, east of the town of Sebnitz. In the north its foot is bordered by the Vilémovský stream (Sebnice) and in the south by Wolfsbach. From the south follows the mountain Tanečnice and from the east Kamenný vrch, both in Mikulášovice. On the western slope stands the wooden chapel of St. Hubertus (Hubertuskapelle). The whole hill is located in a forest called Sebnitzer Wald near the border with the Czech Republic. The hill is forested with spruce forest and the subsoil consists of Lusatian granodiorite. There are two sites of European importance on its territory: Lachsbach- und Sebnitztal and Sebnitzer Wald und Kaiserberg.

Wikipedia: Kitzlerberg (CS)

4. Balzerova kaple

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The Balzer Chapel, also the Chapel of the Sorrowful Mother of God, stands on a small hill in lower Mikulášovice in the immediate vicinity of the railway line Rumburk – Panský – Mikulášovice. From the original building built in 1724, only remnants of the perimeter masonry have been preserved. It was restored in 2012. It is owned by the city and is not a listed building.

Wikipedia: Balzerova kaple (CS)

5. Kostel Nanebevstoupení Páně

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The Church of the Ascension in Mikulášovice is a Roman Catholic filial cemetery church, often referred to as a chapel. Its construction in 1872 was related to the establishment of a new cemetery, used continuously since 1873. The Neo-Gothic sacral building serves primarily for the last farewell to the dead and for occasional Holy Masses and is not a protected monument.

Wikipedia: Kostel Nanebevstoupení Páně (Mikulášovice) (CS)

6. Fürleova kaple

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The Chapel of the Guardian Angels, also called the Chapel of the Father of the Poor, is a neo-Gothic sacral building standing in Mikulášovice next to the former Crown Prince Rudolf Hospital (No. 730). It was built in 1900 and replaced its Baroque predecessor called Fürle or Fürle Chapel. Between 2011 and 2014 it underwent a complete renovation.

Wikipedia: Fürleova kaple (CS)

7. Hvězdárna

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The Mikulášovice Observatory (No. 1002) is located in the centre of Mikulášovice on a slope by the main road. Historically and structurally it is connected with the building of the original pharmacy U Lva (No. 4). It was built in 1913 by pharmacist Adolf Krause. The Art Nouveau building was declared a cultural monument in 1992.

Wikipedia: Mikulášovická hvězdárna (CS)

8. Lékárna U Lva

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The former pharmacy U Lva, house No. 4 in Mikulášovice, is originally a Classicist building, rebuilt in Neo-Renaissance style after the great fire of the town in 1842. In 1913 the pharmacist Adolf Krause had the observatory building added to it (No. 1002). In 1992 both buildings were declared a cultural monument.

Wikipedia: Lékárna U Lva (CS)

9. Kaple Tří otců (Kaple Korunování Panny Marie)

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The Chapel of the Three Fathers, also known as the Coronation of the Virgin Mary, formerly known as the Bäter Chapel, is a Baroque sacral building in Mikulášovice, Mikulášovice. It dates back to 1710 and is the oldest of the local chapels. Since 1966 it has been protected as a cultural monument.

Wikipedia: Kaple Tří otců (CS)

10. Hotel Ron

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House No. 5, also known as Hotel Ron, in Mikulášovice dates back to the end of the 18th century. The half-timbered house with a half-timbered floor, mansard roof and a younger brick extension is one of the oldest buildings in the town. In 1966 it was registered as a cultural monument.

Wikipedia: Dům čp. 5 (Mikulášovice) (CS)

11. Wähnerova kaple

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Wähner Chapel, also called Palme Chapel or Chapel of the Assumption, is a Roman Catholic field chapel that stands by a field road in Upper Mikulášovice on the slope of a hill called "Čapák". It dates back to 1718 and has been protected as a cultural monument since 1996.

Wikipedia: Wähnerova kaple (CS)

12. Usedlost če. 9

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The sitting position of a patient. 9 In Mikul á š ovice, it was originally a chip. 450, from 18. Century or mid-19th century. Century. An economic brick building adjoins a partially brick house with a roof. It was declared a cultural monument in 1993.

Wikipedia: Usedlost če. 9 (Mikulášovice) (CS)

13. Císařský dům

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The Imperial House No. 2 in Mikulášovice is a Baroque burgher house from the mid-18th century, making it one of the oldest in the town. In 1779 Emperor Joseph II slept there. Since 1966 it has been protected as a cultural monument.

Wikipedia: Císařský dům (Mikulášovice) (CS)

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