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Explore interesting sights in Mikulášovice, Czechia. Click on a marker on the map to view details about it. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 13 sights are available in Mikulášovice, Czechia.

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1. The Chapel of the Holy Trinity

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The Chapel of the Holy Trinity is a Baroque sacral building standing in Horní Mikulášovice. It was built in 1742 by the Lipovský builder Zacharias Hoffmann (1678–1754) on the site of an older, probably wooden, building. The construction was ordered by the old count Leopold Antonín Salm-Reifferscheidt (1699–1769). The chapel was maintained until 1967, when it was robbed and subsequently repeatedly damaged. Since 1966 it has been registered as an immovable cultural monument. The chapel is owned by the town of Mikulášovice. Pilgrimage Holy Mass is usually held once a year on the feast of the Holy Trinity. The chapel stands on a triangular ground plan with concave corners. The bell-shaped roof topped by a lantern is covered with slate. In the damaged interior there used to be three altars with paintings of the Holy Trinity, the Visitation of the Virgin Mary and a wooden crucifix.

Wikipedia: Kaple Nejsvětější Trojice (Mikulášovice) (CS), Heritage Website

2. Kostel svatého Mikuláše

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The Church of St. Nicholas is a Roman Catholic parish church in the historical center of Mikulášovice in the Šluknov foothills in northern Bohemia. It stands in the middle of an unnamed square, informally called the church square, by the main road connecting Dolní Poustevna and Rumburk. The first church consecrated to St. Nicholas is mentioned in Mikulášovice in 1445. This first church was probably founded together with the village in the second half of the 13th century. The newer Renaissance church, built in 1551–1555, underwent Baroque reconstruction and expansion between 1694 and 1695. The current building dates from 1750–1751 and its ceremonial consecration followed at the end of 1751. Since 1958, the building has been protected as a cultural monument.

Wikipedia: Kostel svatého Mikuláše (Mikulášovice) (CS), Heritage Website

3. Kostel Nanebevstoupení Páně

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The Church of the Lord's Notre Dame in Mikul á š ovice is a Roman Catholic secular cemetery church, also commonly known as a church. The construction in 1872 is related to the establishment of new cemeteries that have been in use since 1873. Neo-Gothic sacral buildings are used primarily for final farewell to the dead and occasional activities of the saints and are not protected.

Wikipedia: Kostel Nanebevstoupení Páně (Mikulášovice) (CS)

4. Balzerova kaple

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The Balzer Chapel, also the Chapel of the Sorrowful Mother of God, stands on a small hill in lower Mikulášovice in the immediate vicinity of the railway line Rumburk – Panský – Mikulášovice. From the original building built in 1724, only remnants of the perimeter masonry have been preserved. It was restored in 2012. It is owned by the city and is not a listed building.

Wikipedia: Balzerova kaple (CS)

5. Fürleova kaple

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The chapel of the Guardian Angels, also known as the chapel of the Father of the Poor, is a neo-Gothic sacral building located in Mikul á š ovice, adjacent to Prince Rudolph Hospital (No. 730). It was built in 1900 to replace the Baroque former church, known as Fürleov or Fürle-Chapel. From 2011 to 2014, it underwent a comprehensive renovation.

Wikipedia: Fürleova kaple (CS)

6. Hvězdárna

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Mikulášovice observatory (No. 1002) stands in the center of Mikulášovice on the slope on the main road. Historically and construction is associated with the building of the original pharmacy at the Lion (No. 4). In 1913 it was built by Pharmacist Adolf Kraus. The Art Nouveau building was declared a cultural monument in 1992.

Wikipedia: Mikulášovická hvězdárna (CS), Heritage Website

7. Lékárna U Lva

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Former pharmacy U Lion, house No. 4 in Mikulášovice, is originally a Classicist building, neo -Renaissance rebuilt after a large fire in 1842. In 1913, the pharmacist Adolf Krause was built by the Observatory building (No. 1002). In 1992, both buildings were declared a cultural monument.

Wikipedia: Lékárna U Lva (CS)

8. Kaple Tří otců (Kaple Korunování Panny Marie)

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The Church of the Three Fathers, also the Church of the Coronation of the Virgin Mary, formerly known as the Church of Bäter, is the Baroque sacrament of Mikul á š ovice. It originated in 1710 and is the oldest church in the area. It has been protected as a cultural monument since 1966.

Wikipedia: Kaple Tří otců (CS), Heritage Website

9. Hotel Ron

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House No. 5, also known as Hotel Ron, in Mikulášovice dates back to the end of the 18th century. The half-timbered house with a half-timbered floor, mansard roof and a younger brick extension is one of the oldest buildings in the town. In 1966 it was registered as a cultural monument.

Wikipedia: Dům čp. 5 (Mikulášovice) (CS), Website, Heritage Website

10. Wähnerova kaple

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Wähner Chapel, also called Palme Chapel or Chapel of the Assumption, is a Roman Catholic field chapel that stands by a field road in Upper Mikulášovice on the slope of a hill called "Čapák". It dates back to 1718 and has been protected as a cultural monument since 1996.

Wikipedia: Wähnerova kaple (CS), Heritage Website

11. Usedlost če. 9

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Homestead no. 9 in Mikulášovice, originally No. 450, dates from the end of the 18th century or the middle of the 19th century. A brick farm building is adjacent to the timbered, partly brick half-timbered house. In 1993 it was declared a cultural monument.

Wikipedia: Usedlost če. 9 (Mikulášovice) (CS), Heritage Website

12. Císařský dům

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The Imperial House No. 2 in Mikulášovice is a Baroque burgher house from the mid-18th century, making it one of the oldest in the town. In 1779 Emperor Joseph II slept there. Since 1966 it has been protected as a cultural monument.

Wikipedia: Císařský dům (Mikulášovice) (CS), Heritage Website

13. Dům čp. 311

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House No. 311 in Mikulášovice dates back to the end of the 18th century. The half-timbered house has been preserved with a number of original elements in the interior and exterior. In 2005 it was declared a cultural monument.

Wikipedia: Dům čp. 311 (Mikulášovice) (CS), Heritage Website


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