5 Sights in Louny, Czechia (with Map and Images)

Explore interesting sights in Louny, Czechia. Click on a marker on the map to view details about it. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 5 sights are available in Louny, Czechia.

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1. Galerie Benedikta Rejta

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The Benedikt Rejt Gallery is an art museum focused on Czech and foreign art of the second half of the 20th century, especially on geometric abstraction and constructivist tendencies. At the end of 2017, there were over 18,000 works in the collections, including around 3,000 drawings and 6,500 graphics. The gallery is located in a modernly rebuilt building of the former municipal brewery in Louny, Pivovarská 29–34. The founder of the gallery is the Ústí nad Labem Region.

Wikipedia: Galerie Benedikta Rejta (CS)

2. Matka Boží

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The Church of Our Lady is a Roman Catholic church in the town of Louny in the district of Louny dedicated to the Virgin Mary. It is protected as a cultural monument of the Czech Republic. It is a subsidiary church of the Louny deanery, mass is not served here. The Gothic church was built in 1491-1493, the tower dates from 1612 and in 1913 the church was restored by architect Kamil Hilbert. The cemetery around the church served its purpose until 1789.

Wikipedia: Kostel Matky Boží (Louny) (CS)

3. Synagoga

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Synagoga Jan Jeništa / CC BY-SA 3.0

Louny Synagogue is located about 200 meters east of Louny Square on Hilbert Street. It was built in 1871 and, according to a project by Prague architect Johann Sta á ka, adopted the Moorish element in the Nov å omansk é style, replacing the prayers that had been unsatisfactory on Czech streets before JudenGasse. Initially, there was a tourist hotel with a post office in the architectural location of the former synagogue.

Wikipedia: Synagoga v Lounech (CS)

4. Panna Maria

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The Marian column with the statue of Immaculata on the Peace Square in Louny is one of the oldest Marian columns in Bohemia and perhaps the oldest Marian column in northern Bohemia. The statue was created by the Czech early Baroque sculptor Jan Jiří Bendl in 1673 and is similar to his earlier Marian column on the Old Town Square in Prague from 1650. The column has been a listed building since 1964.

Wikipedia: Mariánský sloup (Louny) (CS)

5. svatý Havel

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The Church of St. Havel is a Roman Catholic filial church in Brloh in the Louny District. It stands in a cemetery in the southern part of the village. Since 1964 it has been protected as a cultural monument.

Wikipedia: Kostel svatého Havla (Brloh) (CS)


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