9 Sights in Křtiny, Czechia (with Map and Images)

Here you can find interesting sights in Křtiny, Czechia. Click on a marker on the map to view details about the sight. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 9 sights are available in Křtiny, Czechia.

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1. Výpustek

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Výpustek Cave is show cave in the central part of the Moravian Karst Protected Landscape Area in Czech Republic. It is located in the upper section of the Křtiny Valley, in the municipality of Křtiny. It forms two subterranean levels of the ancient ponor system of the Křtinský Brook. It is a significant paleontological locality, one of the few European sites where complete skeletons of early Quaternary (Pleistocene) fauna can be found.

Wikipedia: Výpustek Cave (EN)

2. Hrádek u Babic

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Hrádek u Babic John commons / Public domain

Players near Babic are located between Babice nad Svitavou and the village of Bubice in the Krtinsk å valley. Yellow tourist signs are around. The area is located in the cadastral area of Babice nad Svitavou. The area is known as Hradek near Babic because the village is located within a fortress burned by Swedish troops in 1645.

Wikipedia: Hrádek u Babic (CS)

3. Kostelík

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The Kostelík Cave is located in the cadastre of the village habrůvka in the central part of the Moravian Karst PLA in the valley of the Křtinský stream, whose waters created it. The church is one of the many caves in the Býčí skála National Nature Reserve, rich in numerous karst phenomena.

Wikipedia: Kostelík (jeskyně) (CS)

4. zřícenina hradu Ronov

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zřícenina hradu Ronov Lukáš Malý / Public domain

Ronov is a castle site located in the district of Brno-vunkov, in the cadastre of the village of B í lovice nad Svitavou, on a hill above the Svitavou River, near the steep turn from window t Υ chov to Adam. Its remains are protected as cultural monuments in the Czech Republic.

Wikipedia: Ronov (hrad, okres Brno-venkov) (CS)

5. Býčí skála

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Býčí skála Cave is part of the second longest cave system in Moravia, Czech Republic. It is also famous for archaeological discoveries. Except for the entrance, the cave is not accessible to the public, although occasionally it is opened for visitors.

Wikipedia: Býčí skála Cave (EN)

6. svatý Jan Křtitel

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svatý Jan Křtitel Lukáš Malý / Public domain

The Roman Catholic Church of St. John the Baptist is located in Babice nad Svitavou and dates back to 1448. It is a parish church, is the parish church of a parish, and is protected as a cultural monument of the Czech Republic.

Wikipedia: Kostel svatého Jana Křtitele (Babice nad Svitavou) (CS)

7. Kostel Jména Panny Marie

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Church of the Name of the Virgin Mary is a Roman Catholic church in Křtiny, South Moravian Region, Czech Republic. It is an important pilgrimage destination in Moravia and one of the most celebrated shrines in Central Europe.

Wikipedia: Church of the Name of the Virgin Mary (Křtiny) (EN)

8. Lichtenštejnský památník

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The Liechtenstein Jubilee Memorials are a set of monuments located in the forests around the town of Adamov in the South Moravian Region. They are located in the landscape complex of the Vranov-Křtiny Liechtenstein area.

Wikipedia: Lichtenštejnské jubilejní památníky (CS)

9. Arboretum Křtiny

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The Arboretum of K å tiny is the oldest and largest arboretum in the school forest farm "Masaryk Les" Krtiny, which lies beneath Mendel University in Brno. It is halfway up the road between Krtina and Jedovnice.

Wikipedia: Arboretum Křtiny (CS)

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