7 Sights in Česká Lípa, Czechia (with Map and Images)

Explore interesting sights in Česká Lípa, Czechia. Click on a marker on the map to view details about it. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 7 sights are available in Česká Lípa, Czechia.

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1. Všech svatých

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The Basilica of All Saints in Česká Lípa is originally a monastery church of the monastery of the Order of St. Augustina in Česká Lípa. It was built in the Baroque style at the beginning of the 17th century. In 1927, Pope Pius XI elevated it to the rank of Basilica Minor. Today it is the main and used Roman Catholic church in the city. The neighbouring monastery buildings are used by the Český Lípa Museum.

Wikipedia: Bazilika Všech svatých (CS)

2. svatá Máří Magdalena

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The Church of St. Mary Magdalene was built in the middle of the 13th century by the river Ploučnice in Česká Lípa and restored in 1460. Later, the provost's office was built next to it. Both buildings are now on the embankment of Bedřich Smetana in the city center and are owned and used by the Roman Catholic Church.

Wikipedia: Kostel svaté Máří Magdaleny (Česká Lípa) (CS)

3. Povýšení svatého Kříže

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The Church of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross in Česká Lípa is originally a Gothic building from the 14th century. At the time of its construction, it stood in the suburbs, but today it is the oldest preserved church in the city. It is located in Moskevská Street below the cemetery.

Wikipedia: Kostel Povýšení svatého Kříže (Česká Lípa) (CS)

4. Archeologické muzeum Šatlava v České Lípě

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In esk á L í pa or atlavaa. The Eskolipska Archaeological Museum-atlava is a new offshoot of the Vlastiv ™ Museum and Gallery in Czech Republic. The renovated protected building, once a city dressing room-prison, now has an archaeological museum branch and a large exhibition space.

Wikipedia: Šatlava v České Lípě (CS)

5. Jiráskovo divadlo

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The Jirásek Theatre is a building serving cultural purposes in Česká Lípa, it is the house stage of the amateur ensemble Jirásek. It is part of the contributory organization Culture Česká Lípa. Ensembles of various orientations perform here, not only actors.

Wikipedia: Jiráskovo divadlo (Česká Lípa) (CS), Website

6. evangelický kostel

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The Evangelical Church in Czech Republic was built in 1927 and used as an evangelical church in Germany. After 1945, it was used along with neighboring farms by the Garlic Religious Community of the Husi Church in Czechoslovakia.

Wikipedia: Evangelický kostel (Česká Lípa) (CS)

7. Narození Panny Marie

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The Roman Catholic Church of the Birth of the Virgin Mary in Česká Lípa is a Baroque building was completed in 1710. Since 1965, the church has been protected as a cultural monument (Czech Republic).

Wikipedia: Kostel Narození Panny Marie (Česká Lípa) (CS)

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