10 Sights in Plano Piloto, Brazil (with Map and Images)

Explore interesting sights in Plano Piloto, Brazil. Click on a marker on the map to view details about it. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 10 sights are available in Plano Piloto, Brazil.

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1. Cathedral of Brasília

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The Cathedral of Brasília is the Roman Catholic cathedral serving Brasília, Brazil, and serves as the seat of the Archdiocese of Brasília. It was designed by Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer and calculated by Brazilian structural engineer Joaquim Cardozo, and was completed and dedicated on May 31, 1970. The cathedral is a hyperboloid structure constructed from 16 concrete columns, weighing 90 tons each.

Wikipedia: Cathedral of Brasília (EN), Website

2. A Justiça

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Justice is a sculpture, located in front of the Federal Supreme Court building and on the Square of the Three Powers in Brescia, Federal District. The monument represents a woman, seated and wearing a sword, and is one of the symbols most commonly used to depict the Greek and Roman goddesses of law and justice. It was completed by Alfredo Sisziati and became one of the symbols of justice throughout Brazil.

Wikipedia: A Justiça (escultura) (PT)

3. Honestino Guimarães National Museum

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The National Museum of the Republic is a Brazilian museum created and administered by the government of the Federal District, Brazil. The museum and the National Library of Brasilia form the Cultural Complex of the João Herculino Republic. It is located in the South Cultural Sector, Lot 2 Esplanade of Ministries, between the Pilot Plan Bus Station and the Metropolitan Cathedral Of Our Lady of Aparecida.

Wikipedia: Museu Nacional Honestino Guimarães (PT)

4. National Congress of Brazil

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National Congress of Brazil Agência Senado / Attribution

The National Congress of Brazil is the legislative body of Brazil's federal government. Unlike the state legislative assemblies and municipal chambers, the Congress is bicameral, composed of the Federal Senate and the Chamber of Deputies. The Congress meets annually in Brasília from 2 February to 22 December, with a mid-term break taking place between 17 July and 1 August.

Wikipedia: National Congress of Brazil (EN)

5. JK Memorial

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The JK Memorial is a mausoleum, presidential memorial and museum dedicated to Juscelino Kubitschek (1902–1976), the 21st President of Brazil and the founder of Brasília, capital city of Brazil since 1960. Designed by Oscar Niemeyer, the memorial is located in the Monumental Axis in Brasília. It is the final resting place of President Kubitschek.

Wikipedia: JK Memorial (EN)

6. Republica Cultural Complex

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Republica Cultural Complex Arquivo/Agência Brasil / CC BY 3.0 br

The Complexo Cultural da República is a cultural center located along the Eixo Monumental, in the city of Brasília, Brazil. It is formed by the National Library of Brasília and the National Museum of the Republic. Both buildings were designed by Pritzker Prize-winning Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer and inaugurated in 2006.

Wikipedia: Cultural Complex of the Republic (EN)

7. Praça do Buriti

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Buriti Square is a square located in the Civic-Administrative Zone of Brasilia, between Via N1 and S1, on the Monumental Axis. It houses the headquarters of the Federal District: the Court of Justice of the Federal District and Territories; the Buriti Palace, headquarters of the Executive Branch; and the Legislative Chamber.

Wikipedia: Praça do Buriti (PT)

8. Mastro da Praça dos Três Poderes

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The Special Mast of the Three Powers Square, also known by the names of The National Pavilion of Brazil, Mastro Nacional do Brasil and/or Mastro Nacional de Brasília, is a monument in the form of a metallic obelisk located in Praça dos Três Poderes, in Brasilia. It was officially inaugurated on November 19, 1972.

Wikipedia: Mastro especial da Praça dos Três Poderes (PT)

9. Panteão da Pátria e da Libertade Tancredo Neves

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The Tancredo Neves Pantheon of the Fatherland and Freedom is a cenotaph in the Brazilian capital Brasília, dedicated to the honour of national heroes. It was conceived during the national shock following the death in 1985 of Tancredo Neves, the first elected civilian president after twenty years of military rule.

Wikipedia: Tancredo Neves Pantheon of the Fatherland and Freedom (EN)

10. Arena

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The Nilson Nelson Gymnasium is an indoor sporting arena used mostly for volleyball located in Brasília, Brazil, which is near the Estádio Nacional Mané Garrincha. Both are part of the Ayrton Senna Sports Complex. The capacity of the arena is 11,105 spectators and it was built in 1973.

Wikipedia: Nilson Nelson Gymnasium (EN)

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