18 Sights in Evere, Belgium (with Map and Images)

Here you can find interesting sights in Evere, Belgium. Click on a marker on the map to view details about the sight. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 18 sights are available in Evere, Belgium.

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1. Pixel Museum

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Pixel Museum Jean-Pierre Dalbéra from Paris, France / CC BY 2.0

The Pixel Museum is a bread museum at the ruins of Turne and Taxi, located at the Customs Hotel. From February 2017 to June 2020, the museum is located in the French city of Schiltigheim, near Strasbourg. The museum is an initiative of director J é r ô mehatton, who previously founded Ludus College, a private school of game developers. The museum displays a series of private collections of hattons, collecting about 20,000 items over 30 years. By 2020, the museum's collection includes 250 games and about 2,000 items about video game history and merchandise.

Wikipedia: Pixel Museum (NL)

2. Maison Autrique - Autrique-huis

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The Autrique House was the first town house built by Victor Horta in Art Nouveau style. This house, built in 1893, represents an essential step in the evolution of the Belgian architect. In many ways, it was an innovative dwelling, although it does not feature the novel spatial composition of the almost contemporary Hôtel Tassel. The house is located 266, chaussée de Haecht/Haachtsesteenweg, in the municipality of Schaerbeek in Brussels, Belgium.

Wikipedia: Autrique House (EN)

3. Église Sainte-Suzanne - Sint-Suzannakerk

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The Church of Sainte-Suzanne is a Catholic religious building located at the intersection of Latinis and Glycines streets, in Schaerbeek (Brussels) in Belgium. Built on private initiative from 1926 to 1928, the church – in Art Deco style – has been classified as a heritage site in the Brussels-Capital Region since 2003. Completely renovated from 2014 to 2018 it is one of the Catholic parishes of the municipality of Schaerbeek.

Wikipedia: Église Sainte-Suzanne (Schaerbeek) (FR)

4. Parc Josaphat - Josaphatpark

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Josaphat Park is a public park of 20 ha located in the municipality of Schaerbeek in Brussels, Belgium. The football stadium that was formerly used by the K. V. V. Crossing Elewijt lies on the north-western corner of the park. There is also an elementary school, a tennis club, the municipal greenhouses, animals, two playgrounds, a minigolf course, an archery range, three cafés, a kiosk (Josaphine's), and some ponds.

Wikipedia: Josaphat Park (EN)

5. Parc Reine-Verte - Koningin-Groenpark

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Parc Reine-Verte is a park in the municipality of Schaerbeek in Brussels. It has an entrance at No. 126 Rue Verte and a second entrance at No. 42 Rue des Palais. The park's name refers to the nearby Rue Verte and Place de la Reine. It was inaugurated in June 2007. The surface of the park, more than 5,000 m², is mainly from the gardens of the former RTT palace located rue des Palais.

Wikipedia: Parc Reine-Verte (FR)

6. Train World

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Train World is a railway museum in Brussels, Belgium, and the official museum of the National Railway Company of Belgium. It is situated in the preserved buildings of Schaarbeek railway station and in a new shed built to its north. Although scheduled to open in 2014, its opening was delayed until September 2015. The Museum was solemnly opened by King Philippe.

Wikipedia: Train World (EN)

7. Église Saint Roch - Sint Rochuskerk

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St. Rock's Church is a Catholic church in the north of Brussels. The building originated in the late 19th century and originally had industrial functions. The church replaces the 1862 church building, which was demolished in 1971, but the renovation works will continue until 1993 and the cardinal's inauguration will take place in 1995.

Wikipedia: Sint-Rochuskerk (Brussel) (NL)

8. Église Saints-Jean-et-Nicolas - Sint-Jan en Niklaaskerk

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St John and Nicholas Church is a neoclassical Catholic church located at rue de Brabant 75A in Schalbeck, Brussels. Built in the mid-19th century, the church serves local Catholic priests and is home to the Christian community of Eastern rituals. Here, Russian-speaking Orthodox Christians regularly celebrate Slavic liturgy.

Wikipedia: Église Saints-Jean-et-Nicolas (FR)

9. Église Saint-Servais - Sint-Servaaskerk

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St Selva Church is a Gothic revival Catholic church located in Chauss é e de Haecht (Chauss é e de Haecht) in Schalbeck, north of Brussels, Belgium. Built in the second half of the 19th century, the church is a place of worship for Catholic dioceses in the area.

Wikipedia: Église Saint-Servais (Schaerbeek) (FR)

10. Théâtre Océan Nord

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The Théâtre Océan Nord is a Brussels theatre located in Schaerbeek since 1996. The co-directors are Isabelle Pousseur and Michel Boermans who founded in 1982 the company named at its beginning, Théâtre du Ciel Noir, in reference to a text by Bertolt Brecht.

Wikipedia: Théâtre Océan Nord (FR)

11. Église Notre-Dame Immaculée - Onze-Lieve-Vrouw Kerk

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The Immaculate Church of Notre Dame is a Roman Catholic church located in Eville, north of Brussels. The 1930s Cosntruite Danns Church is located at the intersection of Notre Dame Avenue and Henry's Conscience Avenue. It is a Catholic parish church.

Wikipedia: Église Notre-Dame Immaculée (Evere) (FR)

12. Parc Gaucheret - Gaucheretpark

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Gaucheretpark is a bread park located north of the city of Sensebeek. The park is located at Gaucheretstraat between Rogerstraat and Gaucheretplein, near the North Station. It is named after Fran ç oisgaucheret, an eighteenth-century landowner.

Wikipedia: Gaucheretpark (NL)

13. Église Saint-Jean-Baptiste - Sint-Jan-Baptistkerk

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The Church of St. John the Baptist is a Roman Catholic parish church located in the centre of Molenbeek-Saint-Jean, a municipality of Brussels, Belgium. It is dedicated to Saint John the Baptist, the patron saint of Molenbeek.

Wikipedia: Church of St. John the Baptist, Molenbeek (EN)

14. Musée schaerbeekois de la bière - Schaarbeeks Biermuseum

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The Schaerbeek Beer Museum in the commune of Schaerbeek, Brussels, Belgium is a museum dedicated to Belgian beers. The museum, which is a not-for-profit association, was founded in 1993 and officially opened in March, 1994.

Wikipedia: Schaerbeek Beer Museum (EN)

15. Château du Karreveld - Kasteel Karreveld

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Karreveld is the name of a three-hectare estate and a castle farm in Molenbeek-Saint-Jean, northwest of Brussels. Karreveld also decided on the name of a district of the commune. This space is also a public municipal park.

Wikipedia: Château du Karreveld (FR)

16. Église Saint-Vincent - Sint-Vincentiuskerk

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St. Vincent's Church is a religious building located on St. Vincent's Square in Evere, Belgium. Its origin would be an oratory established by Landry de Soignies around 675 which he dedicated to his father Saint Vincent.

Wikipedia: Église Saint-Vincent (Evere) (FR)

17. Millennium Iconoclast Museum of Art

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Millennium Iconoclast Museum of Art Alain Homsi / CC BY 2.0

The Millennium Iconoclast Museum of Art (MIMA) is a contemporary art museum in the Molenbeek-Saint-Jean municipality of Brussels, Belgium. It is a privately owned non-profit museum which was founded in 2016.

Wikipedia: Millennium Iconoclast Museum of Art (EN)

18. Chapelle évangélique de l'Église de Bethel - Evangelische kapel van de Kerk van Bethel

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Bethell Church is a church building located on the crocheted stone road in Brusselse seskeek. The church is a Dutch-speaking Protestant evangelical church and one of Flea's liberal evangelical churches.

Wikipedia: Bethelkerk (Schaarbeek) (NL)

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