6 Sights in Homel, Belarus (with Map and Images)

Explore interesting sights in Homel, Belarus. Click on a marker on the map to view details about it. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 6 sights are available in Homel, Belarus.

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1. Карцінная галерэя Г. Х. Вашчанкі

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G in the picture. X. Small Treasury Art Museum, which opened on February 5, 2002, has become the foundation of the art museum by collecting 50 artists' paintings as gifts to thank Gomele City. Mathilde Voschenko, the artist's wife, was once collected by the city, including 70 works by contemporary Belarusian artists, and Voschenko, a disciple of good friend Gao Ruila Hakuanovic. At present, the works collected by the art museum are constantly supplemented by artists, and there are nearly 400 exhibits. There are works by artists like Andy Xie at the Gallery Foundation. Lithuania. Happy, B. Accumulate a lot, A. Kisenko, Wu Zhi. Alshevsky, VS. Thomas Salab. V. Hobart. C. Savage. A. Pacific. Under the door, P. M. Landsky. Kasakovich and others

Wikipedia: Карцінная галерэя Г. Х. Вашчанкі (BE), Website

2. Ільінская царква

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Ilyinskaya tsarkva is a dzeyucha staraverskaya tsarkva ў Gomeli, a pomnik belaruskaga draўlyanaga doilism kanza XVIII stagoddzia, historic-cultural castroўnasts respublikankaga significance. Adnosizza da St. Petsirburg and Zvyar eparchy Ruscay pravaslaўnay starabradnitskaya tsarkvy. Znahodzizza ў tsentralnaya partsy gorada on the street. Kamisarawa, nepadalek ad r. Sozh. It gave the name to the descent ad vulitsa Praletarskaya da sozhskaya nabyarezhnay.

Wikipedia: Ільінская царква (Гомель) (BE)

3. Гомельскі гарадскі маладзёжны тэатр

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Гомельскі гарадскі маладзёжны тэатр невядомы / Добрасумленнае выкарыстанне

Gomelski Garadski maladziozhny teatr — theatr Gomel, created by rezhysyoram Yakavas Natapavim pa initsyyatyve and on the srodki pradprimalnika and metsenat, gamyalchanin Rygor Figlin. Theatr adkrўsya 13 castrychnika 1992 ў dzen meeting of Rygor Figlin and atrymaў the name "Independent".

Wikipedia: Гомельскі гарадскі маладзёжны тэатр (BE)

4. Rumyantsev-Paskevich Palace

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The Rumyantsev-Paskevich Residence is the main place of historical importance in the city of Gomel, Belarus. The grounds of the residence stretch for 800 meters along the steep right bank of the Sozh River. An image of the residence is featured on the Belarusian 20-rubel note.

Wikipedia: Gomel Palace (EN)

5. Chapel-burial vault of the Paskevich princes

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Chapel-burial vault of the Paskevich princes Alex Zelenko / CC BY-SA 4.0

Kaplica-paševićaў — kaplica-pahavalnya ў Gomeli, pubudavanaya ў 1870–1889 gadahs for the smelling of a member ў syam'i Paskevicaў, which valodali Gomel palaces and parks from 1834 pa 1918 gady. Uvahodzitz as part of the Gomelskag palace-parkava ensemble.

Wikipedia: Капліца-пахавальня Паскевічаў (BE)

6. Помнік Багдану Хмяльніцкаму

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Vulitsa Bagdana Khmyalnitskaga is an adna of haloўных and naybolei laborih vulits gorada Gomel, razmeshchana ў Savetsky rāne. Named ў 1954 godze ў gonar B. Khmyalnitskaga, whose pomnik ўstalyavany naadvarot herdyon "Lakamatyў".

Wikipedia: Вуліца Багдана Хмяльніцкага (Гомель) (BE)


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